‘The inner voice’ is a phrase with several definitions:
* your conscience
* your intuition
* your guide
* your soul
* the voice of God
* your core
* your source
* your subconsciousness
* the collective conscience
* your Self

Basicly they’re simply labels, but for many people it is the first obstacle. Because: how can you trust this, if you don’t know where that voice comes from?
Personally I build that trust by focusing on the message content and not on the messenger. Slowly but surely I began to realize that the – at first whispered – hints were mend to help me forward. It was quite a change from the messages I received from my ‘intellectual voice’ about me not being good for anything, me surely failing, me having to start acting normal and me being hated and rejected by everybody if I would follow the dictates of my heart, etc.

In 1987 my Inner Voice started to get ‘a face’ because I learned to use the pendulum and came in contact with an energy that introduced ‘himself’ as HENRY. Little by little (because I didn’t and still don’t accept something unthinkingly) I discovered Henry means well by me. Very well, even. He never told me what to do, he never told me I did something wrong (or right). He ‘only’ stimulated me to look at certain circumstances from several different angles. He inspired me to stop my frenetic efforts to cling to ‘securities’. To let go.
And if you realize I was a major control freak and perfectionist, you will understand this was not a simple assignment. Neither for me nor for Henry.
It also was not a brief assignment. I’m still in the middle of it…

By now my faith in Henry is big enough to bring this contact into the open. Not entirely without fear and trembling, but with the conviction that it is important to share this gigantic influence my Inner Voice has had on me and my life. And continues to have.
As I understand it, Henry is part of me. A higher vibration of the same energy. To me Henry is that part of me with complete overview and he’s able 'the big picture' whenever I loose myself in details again. To me Henry is that part of me that floats like a hot air balloon, without sandbags filled with judgement, resistance, Automatic Pilots, phantom beliefs etc.
To me Henry is my link to the Source. The mirror of the Source. That shows us who we really are, when we don’t pull ourselves down by limiting thoughts.
Curious about the messages an Inner Voice could have in store for you and how generating contact between you and your Inner Voice could add to discovering who you are? Come and take a look at Henry, the 'architect'.

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